Another year, another journey. 

As we journey through 2018, there are lessons from the Israelites exodus that we can pick from to carry us through. 

New beginnings, new opportunities. 

It’s always exciting to start afresh,  to be given a second chance to regroup and rewrite a story of your life. When the  Israelites were released from slavery in Egypt to go to the promised land they were excited. They were breaking from the norm of serving others and looking forward to rebuilding their lives from the years lost in slavery. That’s how it always feels to all of us when a new year comes around. We grab it with excitement with resolutions haphazardly written looking forward to make life better. Make the new opportunities this year count.


As the new year ages,  we should embrace it with an open mind. Life is unpredictable. Expect change of circumstances and any challenges that it might throw our way so that we are not caught offguard. Open mindedness ensures quick acceptance and soldiering on. When the Israelites left Egypt,  I can bet they did not imagine that they could face things like thirst, hunger, famine, diseases or even lack anything more so with God on the lead as fire by night and cloud by day. Also, bearing in mind the signs and wonders that accompanied their departure from Egypt.  Because of their rigidity these unexpectedness hits them hard and results to unwanted reactions towards God which hurts their relationship with God.

Choices matter.

The Israelites,  facing the unexpected chose to live in grumbling and in disobedience.  This made them forget that God had taken them from slavery to a new place therefore showng their short-sightedness. This in turn made God angry and the result is death, diseases and other calamities.  This teaches us that life is not perfect always.  There are days that you  will be on top of the world and there are days that you will be hit hard on your face or fall with a thud. How you recover from the nasty times determine how fast you get back to your feet.  You choose to grumble, it acts as a set back,  you learn to appreciate the situation and look for resolutions you bounce back to your feet with ease. How you choose to go through the year affects how you live.

Depend on God.

As human beings we are limited in one way or another so we need to learn to put our weight on God. God is ALL we need as we journey through the year. He is the only one who will enable us and make everything possible. Again, if God is for us, who or what can dare stand against us? Although the Israelites grumbled and said nasty things to God. He was still patient,  kind and forgiving. He still came through for them….He can still come through for you anytime.  He loves us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 3:13) and his mercies are new every morning.( Lamentations 3:22-23) 

Blessed 2018!


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