Lent journey: Taking up the cross

John 19:17

They took Jesus away, carrying his cross, Jesus went to a place called skull Hill (the name in Hebrew is Golgotha)


How humbling to see Jesus take up the cross without fighting it. He shows us that he was ready to sacrifice himself for our sake.He teaches us that the greatest love contains a lot of self-sacrifice. He sets an example of humbling oneself so as to be exalted (James 4:10) giving his life as ransom for many. (matth 20:28). Not only  do we learn humility here but also obedience to the father’s will. Jesus being God, (if he wanted) would have turned away this cup of suffering but instead he drinks of it for us.


In our christian walk today, the cross symbolizes many things as a result of our circumstances, position in life or the relationships we are in. It can be a personal terminal illness, a sick family member or a friend, a stubborn sibling who won’t heed to advice, nagging in-laws, debts, court cases, disrespectful marital partners or unending marital woes, family divisions, joblessness, illiteracy, conniving colleagues, a disrespectful child, frustrating job, unappreciative parents and so on.If Jesus were to speak to us in any of our situations I have mentioned, I am sure he will tell us not to give up. At the end of the day, giving up should neither be a choice nor an option. It becomes easier to let go and let God rather than look down upon the cross as a form of punishment. He has been there, he understands best.


Jesus takes up the cross as man and not as God so that you and I can be saved. He totally surrenders to his father’s will.


As a christian I am urged to stop whining or complaining about my daily cross and follow the perfect example of Jesus. One of humility and obedience. Finding solace in the fact that having been there, done that he understands perfectly. A case of the wearer knowing where the shoe pinches the most. Most important thing is take up the cross and follow him, learning to cast my burden unto him for he cares for me and will sustain me. (1 peter 5:7, psalms 55: 22)

Let go and let God today.




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