seeds in the shopping mall

But who doesn’t love shopping? ladies, do you feel me?I understand shopping is therapeutic. It works for me. Is it the same for you? I do not mean that everytime you got time and money you go shop. No not the shop-a-holic type. I mean it sometimes cures the negative feelings you may have when you go through it. works for me all the time. Good thing with shopping is that as long as you got the cash, you can buy whatever you want wherever you want. isn’t this liberating? The sense of being in control and getting what you want creates a good feeling or mood thus overpowering the negative emotions that we might be harboring.

Now, Have you ever thought of the bible as a shopping mall? where when you go in you might be served according to your likes and needs. Whether you want the historic, poetic, gospel or the pauline epistles,you get them. It just depends on the kind of mood you are in.

In addition, this shopping mall called the bible has words. Not just your-every-day kind of words but LIVING words: alive and active, sharper than any double edged sword you have ever seen. so what does this mean? What happens when you buy an electronic or a pet or something usable? I guess you go home and indulge yourself in knowing how to use them and if it be shoes or clothes you spend time home refitting to see if you got the right size.

So what to do with the words? You choose to read the epistles or the gospels, the material there are words. These words are seeds waiting to be picked up and then activated into use in our lives to bear the required fruits.( Good thing is, these words are fashioned to speak into every kind of situation in our lives. All you need to do is walk through this shopping mall called the bible and pick out the words you may want or need as per your circumstance.

Then, activate them. Speak into your situations using these words then wait and see the results. I can guarantee you, things will never be the same again.

Happy seed-shopping!








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