Best friends forever

Dear friend,

I have heard so much about you that the more I hear of you, the more I want to hear from  you I can’t get enough of you. I know you and you know me too though we have not seen eye to eye. I can’t wait for us to meet. I so long.

Been following this teaching which I know you know. You have always been with me through thick and thin and I can’t thank you enough.Many are the times I feel like I am talking to myself but then solutions come, puzzles get solved and then it strikes me, I am not alone!!!

I so love this union. sometimes you overwhelm me with your goodness, kindness and love that I just can’t help it. My knees wobble and the tears just gush forth and some people think I am crazy. I want to explain to them but they can’t understand, won’t understand. I dance and let it loose like I lost it but only you understand why.I may look or sound crazy but the joy and peace that comes with communing with you is amazing. I would not trade this for silver or gold.

My helper, truly you are. I can never forget that answer you gave to me two years ago in an interview when I totally did not know the answer. You whispered so loudly I thought the panelists in the room heard you and they would disqualify me. I was even afraid of raising my head and looking at them. The moment I gave that answer there was a glorious uproar from the panelists like I already got the job. Indeed you do help me in my weakness! (Romans 8:26-27)

Many are the times I am not sure or confident on how to do something. Then I trust you and everything just falls into place. You teach me all things!!! (John 14:26) I am confident that with you I can do all things because you are the power (Acts 1:8) from on high set to empower me to write this and more.

One thing I will always be thankful for is that I do not have to earn you by being sinless. I have been given you for free!!! (Romans 5:5)That you were sent here to be my companion in my every waking moment is love divine!!! All I have to do is ask of you and I will be given. (Luke 11:10) You are the best gift from God one can ever need. (Luke 11:13)

Spirit of truth, I desire that you guide me in all truth all the time. Not that you do not do this, I want more of you and less of me in this relationship. I am not yet where I desire to be in this union but I believe that it’s only a matter of time and it will be strengthened. I do not want any step of mine to be devoid of you; you who discloses what is to come (John 16:13) without you I will be misguided.

I cannot thank you enough for leading me always (Galatians 15:18). Dear friend I still believe we have far to go because I am yet to achieve the best that God has set for me as in Jeremiah 29:11. Thank you for always being there.

Best friend forever,






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