Daddy’s little girl

The urban dictionary defines daddy’s girl as a girl who her daddy loves her to the breaking point and will pretty much do anything for her. The second definition comes from who defines a daddy’s girl as someone who enjoys a secure, tight bond with his father or that the father provides every single thing the girl wants including material and financial things.

I am always reluctant to refer to myself as a daddy’s girl because of a lot of things which I will not go to here. Recently, I have been pondering a lot about this title and here is my two cents on this topic.God tells us that he loves us more than our earthly father. If that’s the case, then all three definitions suit me being daddy’s (daddy in heaven) little girl.

Love.My (earthly) father has always loved me. I have never doubted that. I remember one time as a child I got hurt badly while at granny’s. It was really bad they had to send word to my parents that I needed urgent medical care. (My parents used to send us to our grandparents over the shool holidays because we loved it there). When dad arrived to pick me up he said,

“You want to die and leave me? don’t you dare!!!”

Listening to this, I felt very special and loved.I have never forgotten this yet I was probably eight or nine years then. Many are the times he would take and pick me from school during opening and closing days respectively. One time, he confused the closing day and came on the eve of the closing day to pick me up. As strict as the admin was they asked him to come pick me up on the ‘real’ closing day but he lied that they had shifted to a new place so it would be difficult for me to locate there. Just like that, the principal let me go home but with a stern warning to my father. How thrilled I was for being the first to go home in the entire school!  I understand my father loves me through the many exceptional things he has done for me. Similarly, the bible tells us that nothing can EVER separate us from God’s love for us.(Rom 8:38-39).God loved us so much that he sent his ONLY begotten son so that we do not perish but have eternal life if we believe in him. Isn’t this loving us to the breaking point? (Rom 8:32) asks that if he gave up his son rather than spare him, what else wouldn’t he give us?

Secure tight bond. When I was in high school and even campus, I didn’t have to tell my dad I was broke or I needed something. All I needed to do is just think hard about money or whatever I needed and dad would show up with it. Sounds surreal? It still happens upto today. we have this special telepathic bond.(Psalms 84:12) states that God is our sun and shield, (Psalms 91:2) our refuge and fortress, (psalms 91:4) his faithfulness is a protecting shield and (psalms 91:9) because we have the Lord for our refuge and our stronghold, no evil shall befall us. Friends, isn’t this a secure tight bond with our heavenly father?

Provision and Providence.There’s no material or financial thing that I have needed that my dad has failed to provide. Not in my childhood. Not in my adulthood. It’s so sure that most of the time I have to restrain myself from asking because I know I won’t be denied. I never want to be an ungrateful spoilt child that takes things for granted. So I do not let it get into my head. In comparison, my heavenly father supplies all my needs according to his riches in glory (Philipp: 4:19), I never lack. (Psalms 23:1) and in due season. (Psalms 145:15). In conclusion then,I can confidently say I am my father’s child; not because I have seen the physical evidences but because I believe in my heart. Are you? What scriptures secure your belief? kindly let me know.

Daddy’s girl,







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