When is the last time you were scared shiftless? How did you react? Do you always have a reaction for certain  edgy moments? or you have no idea how you react…

Picture this, you go out to a picnic with friends and then since you are near the lake, you decide to take a ride in a boat. It’s all calm and fun until the weather suddenly changes and there are huge waves pushing your boat such that you and your friends cannot control it.

Scenario 2: You are deep in your sleep, probably having the third or fourth dream. Only to be woken up by a gush of water that has run into your house. You are drowning, gasping for breath. Bigger problem is you don’t know how to swim.

Scenario 3:One evening after work, you and your dear one are busy recapping each other’s day. Your child had some headache and you gave her painkillers probably thinking she played too much. As you continue with you stories, you hear almost muffled sounds from the child. On checking her, she is foaming from the mouth and rolling her eyes to the back of her head. No hospital nearby but you have to rush her to hospital.

Scenario 4: From one of your happy shopping sprees as a teenager, you are absent-mindedly riding in a bus to campus. When you are nearing the campus, you notice some traffic. It’s weird beacuse traffic rarely happens those sides. And you think, probably an accident. You drift away to your thoughts only to be stopped and rushed out of the vehicle by mean angry looking men wielding AK-47.

The question is: what will you do if it were you? We all react differently but most times than we believe, we panic and let fear rule us making us do funny things. we cry, yell, tremble and let ourselves ‘loose’ it. what we do not realize is panic, fear and worry accelerates the devil’s mission in our situations.

In such-like cases, we need to first control our emotions.Jesus tells his disciples something similar to this in the night prior to his crucifixion. “Do not let your hearts be troubled…” (John 14:1) He knew how confused his disciples would be knowing what they were going to face. I believe the same will apply to our crisis situation

Then, call on Jesus as the disciples who were in the storm did, (Luke 8:22-27)as a result, he came to their rescue. I do not mean that Jesus will physically emerge like the super heroes in the movies and save us in the nick of time; but believe he is there with us and will always answer when we call. Matter of fact, he will grant us peace that surpasses all our understanding and we will be able to deal with the situation as deem fit.

Lastly, Have faith that Jesus is on the wheels. Someone said that faith releases the power of God while Fear releases the power of the devil. Well said. Jesus asks the disciples where their faith is during the storm, meaning it could have saved the situation. ofcourse it’s not easy but we have to train ourselves to have faith in the school of Jesus so as to yield results.

Have a faith-filled day!



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