I am not a judge

I am a catholic. I am an SDA. I am a protestant. I am an Anglican. I am a full gospel member….sigh. why do Christians love to be divided along religious lines? If Jesus were to come today,  would he choose only those of a certain religion? Aren’t we ALL under the lordship of JESUS CHRIST? So, why do we do this?  Sadly, this has affected our children too. I remember one time I was giving some Christian education to my students. So one of the students contributed something towards the discussion  and the rest started laughing uncontrollably.  I found that awkward. So I asked the reason for the amusement, they told me it’s coz that student who contributed was Catholic. Catholics don’t see visions coz they are not Christian enough. They said. Sigh. I took my time to make them understand why it was wrong to treat someone as such. I made them understand that God does not choose as per the religion we serve in. I hope they took it seriously. 

Judgement brings alot of division amongst us. It’s sad to see Christians judging one another to the extent of making demeaning  remarks that are hurtful. I once heard at a radio station the radio presenter laughing about catholics fasting.what was hilarious to them was,  “can catholics fast?”

God wasn’t partisan when he allowed his holy book to teach us about judging others as wrong, and that the same rules we use on others will be applied to us too. (Matth7:1-2) I believe a case of having a taste of one’s own medicine. It’s appropriate then that as Christians we desist from partial attitudes. 

Other than religion, judging others in whatever capacity is unhealthy. As human beings we love judging by the face value or by the side of the story we know. Before we judge,  do we consider both sides of the story? Better yet, have we no faults of our own that we’re bold enough to shout, scream, sneer or roll our eyes judgementally at others? I bet Jesus wasn’t wrong when he dared the people wanting to stone the adulterous woman to throw stones if they did not have any faults.(Jn 8:1-11)

In this era of technology know how, we have taken to social media to act as the Judges,  jurors and the accusers. The form of virtual stones in existence are the comments and all the emojis therein. Do we take our time to consider wearing the shoes of the accused? Do we gain any bonus point to heaven by ‘judging’ in whatever capacity? Do we sleep peacefully knowing we ‘taught them a lesson’!?

So if our heavenly father was judgemental,  would we go to him in everything and with everything?  I don’t know about you, but as for me, when having a pressing issue, I don’t go talk to someone who will judge me first. The reason why God does not judge as humans is the reason we trust him  with our everything.  Aren’t we then supposed to emulate our father in heaven? If we live in glass houses,  we should not throw stones. 


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