Jar of clay

Am I fair, pretty, skinny, fat, tall, short, chubby, smooth enough…dear mirror? That’s what we seem to ask ourselves anytime we stand before a mirror. There are different types of mirrors we have that act  as our metre rules in life. Unfortunately, these metre rules tend to distort the God-given images God set us from-HIMSELF-
One of the biggest mirror in which we view ourselves either knowingly or unknowingly is the society. Most of us time and again allow ourselves to look at us through the society’s metre rule. Are we good looking enough? 

wealthy enough? famous enough?  flamboyant enough? intelligent enough? …Many are the times we fall short of society’s measuring code that we feel like we do not fit the bill to existence in this God given earth. This leads to oppressive thoughts that incapacitate us mentally and even physically.we feel that we are not good enough and this affects our self esteem and delimits us from the purpose God has created us for.

God’s view of us is that we are of his image,(Genesis 1:27) and not just that, but we are also part of his creation which is VERY GOOD.(Genesis 1:31) And very good here would mean, faultless, efficient and just perfect for his God given purpose. Additionally, Psalms 139:14 states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, created from his wonderful works.

Therefore, whatever makes us feel less of ourselves is not godly and we should shun it.  That we are made in the image and likeness of our God should be a good reason enough to not let ANYONE or ANYTHING put us down no matter our circumstances and position in life. We should always remember God’s word in Isaiah 64:8 that we all are the clay, the work of his hand. In that case, not just unmoulded clay, but moulded clays, probably a jar?… purposely built for a good purpose that the good Lord has set for us.

So in the times when we are unsure of ourselves, in the times when our prayers go unanaswered, in the tough and rough times, in the darkness where there seem to be no light and everything around us seem to ascertain that we for sure do not measure up to the standards misconceptionally set, let us remember God’s good plans for us said through the prophet Jeremiah 29:11. Afterall, he is the potter who created us with love for love and how anyone or anything else judges us contrary to this, is simply trying to put us down. consequently, we should not accept this but focus on God our potter who is love and US? Fearful, wonderful pieces of clay of his work.


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