devine-jesuspictures hold fond memories of the once in a lifetime moment that were able to be caught on camera. They awaken thoughts, the ones we dread awakening as well as the ones that cause us to have the adrenaline rush.

Tell you what, for real, a picture is worth alot. If not, why would our houses, offices even wallets have pictures of our loved ones? Pictures of loved ones in different poses and facial expressions, of which when  we are asked about may elicit different reactions. Reactions that tell WHO is WHO or WHAT in our lives.

Looking at some of my family photos taken recently while on holiday, I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear. I am so taken in by them that I don’t realize how much time flies as I stare at these pictures. Looking at everyone in the photos I can almost describe what everyone was saying at that moment of heightened excitement. sweet, wonderful memories.

I switch activity and it’s time to pray. I love gazing at these two pictures of Jesus in my house whenever I am in my praying mode. One is in the living room while the other one is in my bedroom. The living room Jesus’ picture is so real, sometimes I can almost swear he blinked, smiled or made an expression at me. The bedroom Jesus’ picture portrays him on the cross. His head crowned with thorns and his face full of blood. Staring at it, I can almost swear I can see other ‘facelings’ of angels and saints. All in all these pictures remind me everyday not to hurt Jesus. I look at them and I am reminded of (Isaiah 53:4-5.) They strengthen, reassure and remind me that I serve a LIVING GOD.

so when you look at a picture of Jesus, what comes to mind? It is equivalent to someone seeing you with a picture of Jesus and then asking you, WHO is HE to YOU?………prophet? messiah? John the Baptist? ( Mark 8:28-29)

As we look at the pictures of our loved ones fondly and reminisce about them and the moments so does Jesus desire us to to do the same when looking at his picture. This is because he desires us to have a wonderful, loving relationship with him. If not, he would not have asked his disciples what he was to them. (Mark 8:28-29)

I believe we are his disciples too and he would love for us to look at him the same way we look at our loved ones’ pictures, better yet have a picture of him in places that matter the most to us. When we learn to look at the picture of Jesus and keep it in our hearts then we will learn that a Jesus’ picture is worth a lifetime smiles, images,healings, confessions, repentance, salvations……


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