I sit here, thinking of what to write. since writing is my other love, it’s supposed to come naturally. right? But it is not. I read, write, take a walk, exercise hoping to get some inspiration from these. nothing cometh. I decide to sit down and just write…

A dry spell. We all encounter it sometimes. In our prayer life, in our bible studies, in our love life, in our marriages, in our businesses,in our studies…The list is endless. This season is mainly characterised by dryness, a lack of…something. The most important thing now is what to do when this season comes around.

We can keep on doing what we do. When I stand or kneel to pray, I do not know what to say or where to begin. Better yet, I may have repeated the same request a thousand times that I wonder if repeating again is appropriate. I still manage a murmur all the same.

Like a car, we all need fixing at times. it’s important for everyone of us to have a place, a group, persons or people to re-ignite us when our Wells are running low. No wonder Jesus Christ assured us that we can do all things through him who strengthens us. No doubt he knew our seasons of drought will come at some point. so when we have no one or place to run to. We can look up to him.

Even when we stretch to our maximum ¬†and are almost snapping that all we feel like asking from God is death like Elijah. He sends angels to take care of us. God knows our limit and can always send a substitute for us like he did for Elijah. 2kings 19. We can learn to recognise him as our source of strength and trust in his divine providence. For his strength has given me the power to write this and his divine providence….THESE WORDS.


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