The other day my colleagues and I were discussing about men’s cheating being proportional to the size of their income.  Majority of my colleagues were of the opinion that most men tend to cheat or consider polygamy when the size of their income increases. There are a whole lot of reasons as to why men cheat or better yet, why people fall into temptations.

Temptations is what leads to sin. Most men attribute cheating to being tempted. Question is, why do we allow ourselves to be tempted? The Bible states clearly that we should resist the devil and he will flee from us. (James 4:7)

I know how easy it’s to say this but very difficult to practice. I am not a saint either. Many are the times I have allowed temptations to lead me to sin but I have learnt to avoid sin. I have not yet achieved perfection to holiness but certainly determined to reach there. This can be achieved through submitting ourselves to God wholly.

God loves us the humankind, his creation so much that he gave up his only begotten son as the sacrificial lamb for our sakes. The site of Jesus’ precious blood trickling down his face should be reason enough to help us desist from sin. When we are shown advertisements through the media on the dangers of alcoholism and any drug there is, the results are positive. Some people reduce the abuse of the drugs while some quit completely. Isn’t this supposed to apply to us as Christians when we deal with the issue of sin especially when we look at Jesus on the cross every time we have the opportunity or time?

It should be humbling enough that one should totally sacrifice his life that we may be totally free. Isaiah 53:5 clearly states how Jesus Christ  was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities that we may have peace. This should be reason enough to help us flee from sin. How many of us would let go or sacrifice one of our own or the most precious possessions we have for the sake of our loved ones?

see, it’s easy to say I love you but difficult to act for that love. We can only claim to act for love when we stop hurting the one we claim to love by running away from sin. After all,  if we speak in the tongues of men or of angels but do not have love, we are only resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. (1 corinthians13:1) Paul goes ahead to tell us in the same book that LOVE does not keep record of wrongs.(Vs. 5) so should we keep on keeping records of wrong? Paul says, of faith, hope and love. Love is the greatest of them all.

As Christians, we should strive to please God who has shown us the greatest love of all by striving to stay sinless. Our walk with Jesus everyday is for us to emulate him and try to achieve living in holiness. We cannot achieve this in a day or just in one stroke but it should be a continuous gradual process that eventually becomes habitual. Like the apostle Paul in Philippians (3:12-13) we should always view ourselves as not yet attained that which we are to attain but look ahead to make it our own just as Christ has made us his own.

If all the reasons to make you stay sinless or resist temptation does not seem good enough. Just think about agape love. The sacrificial love God showered upon us that he may salvage the bad relationship that existed between him and the human kind. John 4:8 also says anyone who does not love does not know God because God is love. so, it is true to say that to sin is to fall short of love. It is also true to say that God loves us regardless of who we are and what we do, righteous or unrighteous, just or unjust. (Matthew 5:45) and that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING can separate us from his love for us in Christ Jesus.( Romans 8:38-39) Isn’t this perfect love? Then it is obvious that God has given us the freedom to choose whether; TO SIN OR NOT TO SIN?


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