I have toyed about writing this article for quite some time.  Reason being it may be believable or unbelievable or more plainly seem like just sheer imagination.  I have realised I have dwelt so much on what people will think of me rather than God. Today, this verse came to mind:

You will seek and find me when you search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

I realised it’s not about what people will say or do, or whether they will believe it or not, it is about God and me. I have searched for him with all my heart and I have seen him (Not yet physically, but I believe I will) through different events, people and things. I have felt his presence, and those I have shared with my experiences have surely affirmed that it certainly is God in the works.

I write not to brag of my walk with God but just go encourage someone out there that God is closer to us than we may think or imagine. We only have to stop, pay attention and look and we’ll see him in the things that life bring our way. He is so close than we can ever imagine.

As you read this, you will maybe expect swept-off-your-feet miracles, but that’s not the case.  It is the simple stories I will give as examples to help me illustrate my closer walk with God. I have walked with him in all the different seasons of my life as explained by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

One time in my grief in the loss of an aunt, my father was terribly heartbroken. (She was his only sister among many brothers and my father adored her) According to my mother,  my father barely slept a wink that night he received the news of my aunt’s passing away, he woke up very early the following morning to go to work as usual but something in my spirit told me to pray for him. I did pray for him for an hour or so especially asking God for his safety.  It’s true when God says he’s close to the broken-hearted. (Psalms 34:18) I finished praying and read the bible chapter for the day. There at the end of Psalms 4 was the assurance of God’s safety. I truly believed that my father was in safe hands.

Then there was this time I had given up in praying just because I failed to get a job I had so much prayed for. I was hurt, desperate ànd felt hopeless. I thought God had just stopped walking with me. Over the years when I have a matter that is bothering me that is beyond me, I write letters to God telling him of my predicament.  In this case, I wrote a letter to God and poured out my heart of how hopeless I felt, how futile my efforts in praying seemed and how tired I was in being patient. That Sunday I dragged myself to church albeit half heartedly. Then something happened during the sermonette, it’s like the priest brought a direct reply from God as he spoke. Let me say, of all the matters I talked about in the letter to God were addressed by the priest. Isn’t that just amazing? In the letter I had told God that I needed only this one miracle, of getting the job.

So the priest said, “Jesus is a God of miracles yes, but if he doesn’t give you the miracle you need does it mean he is a lesser  God?”


He went on, “He is still Jesus,still has the good plans for your life and knows what is best for you. He can never leave you no matter what your situation.”

This is just a line among others that he used. I cannot write the whole sermonette,  wish I could, but that is a story for another day. There and then in church, I needed no rocket science to spell out to me that Jesus was close to me than I thought. God was there, using the priest as the instrument. I went back home with a resolve to go back to the prayer warrior I was.

I had started reading a book called A father’s Promise before my prayer life took a dip. I went home that day and the urge to read it again was revived. I completed reading it that day and I learnt from it that whatever God promises, he fulfills. I had doubted that God would fulfill the great job he had promised, but through that book, he affirmed to me that in due time his promise to me shall manifest. Someone may look at this sequence of events as just pure coincidence but I don’t think my life attracts so many coincidences nearly everyday. It is this simple events in my life that make me see God everyday through my heart. I have no doubt about that. Take a closer look at your life’s events and you will realise God is closer than you have ever imagined.

Most people care for the gigantic miracles only in life. They are ready to narrate to every soul that cares to listen what the eyes saw. They forget or do not remember what the heart saw. Maybe because they doubt if it is truly God they experienced or they are like me initially who cared more about what people will think of the ‘ seeing God with my heart’ stories. Either way, I believe at least everyone in life has seen God with the heart. it’s just that maybe we are too busy to see or too clouded with emotions at that moment that the heart’s vision is misty and foggy.

Remember, Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the realisation of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.

What are some of of the events that you have seen God with your heart in your life?



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