I had spent almost a month in hospital. I yearned to go home. Going home depended on whether my daughter attained the desired weight by the doctors. She had been born a preemie and so she had to be kept in the incubator until she would be independent. In the nursery, the babies’ weights were taken every two days. This was a part of monitoring the babies’ progress.

Easter was fast approaching, and only one thing would determine our going home: the  baby’s weight. I earnestly prayed that God would enable us achieve the desired weight. For those who have never dealt with babies before, babies gain weight differently. There are those who gain very fast and there are those who gain slowly. Mine was in the second category. Gaining weight every two days was a miracle to a mother like me. whereas others would gain kilograms, mine would only attain grams. nevertheless,Ii put my trust in God. I prayed fervently that by Easter time, we would go home.

The day of reckoning dawned. As usual, the weights were measured amidst bated breath from the mothers in the nursery. After this action, some mothers would be elated while others would be disappointed. On this day, I was unfortunate, my baby was short of two hundred grams to the targeted weight. I was sad and angry at the same time. Sad because I could not imagine being in the hospital for the Easter festive season, more so, I had put in so much effort in ensuring the targeted weight was achieved. Angry, because I thought God did not hear my fervent prayer. This meant we were not going home.

I went to the toilet and  wept. I then decided to converse with God.

I said, “Dear God, I had told you that I wanted to go home today and not any other day. WHY am I not going home today, why?” I sobbed.

I could not imagine spending another minute in the hospital. If one has spent time in a hospital looking after a baby in the incubator, they understand the pressure that comes with. It is energy sapping as well as emotionally draining. Not forgetting that the baby’s survival in the incubator is threatened by other factors such as diseases and infections. Their way of survival can be likened to animals in the jungle. Only the strong survive. The longer the stay in the jungle the higher the risk.

I don’t remember how long I stayed in that toilet, but after venting my anger and encouraging myself, I got up and went to a room, sort of a dormitory, where all the mothers who had babies in the nursery slept. I just wanted to sleep and forget everything. As I entered the room, I heard someone asking;

“Whose name is Bridgit in here?” asked a lady.

“I am.” I answered

“Go to the nursery, the head nurse wants to see you.” Said the lady.

Suddenly, I panicked. You see in the hospital, a call from the head nurse meant that one’s child was either sick or had passed away. Courage failed me. My knees felt wobbly as I moved towards the nursery. I wondered what had happened to my child just in a span of an hour. I prayed silently asking God not to take my child away from me.

I went into the nursery expecting the worst. I straight away went to where my baby slept. she was sleeping peacefully, I thanked God.The head nurse was standing in there. I introduced myself to her then stated why I was there.

She asked me,” If I let you go home, can you take proper care of the baby?”

“Yes.” I answered confidently.

“Are you sure?” she asked again

“Yes.” I answered reassuringly.

“You can go home then.” She said

I almost hugged her. I ran out to share the news with my husband.This was a miracle to us. My husband and I had so longed for this. My husband was excited. He told me that that was the best news he had received in ages. I went to pack our stuff and get some warm clothes for the baby. within an hour, my husband had arrived and done the clearing.

That evening as we left the hospital. I remembered my earnest prayer in the toilet. It dawned on me that God had answered my prayer. He saw my tears, everything we went through. He knew how much we longed to be home. I learnt that our heavenly father never forgets. It is true like he says in his word that he has us at the palm of his hands, and that even though our mothers who carried us in their wombs may forget us, but he father God in heaven can never forget us. Our pain,sorrow, yearnings….everything. Be encouraged today.





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